Assalamu’alaikum sahabat Kursien Karzai

New Collection

Price : 1.889.000

For us, one thing that made us fall in love with “Armaa Abaya” is the ease to go for daily look, formal look, even the elegant and luxury look. its like a happy package full of comfortness and ease of life. So, make sure you wont miss this Abaya!!

Detail :
• Crepe High Quality
• Variasi Kursien Karzai signature
• Resleting dibagian depan
• Variasi Saku
• Terdapat kancing dibagian lengan
• Aksen Belt

Available Colour :
• Pink mix Mocca
• Turqoist mix Mocca

Available Size : S M L XL

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Turqoist mix Mocca
Pink mix Mocca